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Thibaud Villanova

Chef and expert in geek culture, Thibaud worked at the heart of the Pop culture for nearly ten years.This son of baker, passionate about cooking, decided in 2014 to create the brand Gastronogeek®, a bridge between Gastronomy and Geek universe. Great early success of this initiative, two cookery books released in September 2014 and 2015 sold more than 50,000 copies combined and accompanied by a resounding media impact!


With this success and an engaged community, Thibaud continued development of the brand as much as the mind Gastronogeek® through a transmedia vision being caterer to professionals of the Entertainment industry, culinary consultant and cookbook author.
In 2016, he continued his journey into the world of pop culture by writing a book entirely inspired by the Star Wars ™ saga to come out in September 2016 and published by Hachette Heroes !

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