Gastronogeek® is primarily a bridge between geek culture and gastronomy, a bridge built by a passionate Chef and PopCulure expert Thibaud Villanova.

The core idea is to develop a cuisine inspired by the Imagination! It is reinventing the Christmas Feast at Hogwarts, the hobbit menu created for Bilbo’s birthday,
the ultimate pizza recipe to please 4 Ninja Turtles.

All with fun and pedagogy and teaching methods!

Unlike the scrapcooking® – customize a recipe using simple gadgets – Gastronogeek® tries in a perpetual exercise in style to produce original recipes, healthy and creative, from themes or specific references!


We want to show the best of pop culture universe by imagining fun and educational recipes inspired by their themes, heroes, adventures …


Paying tribute to Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, Dragon Ball, Back to the Future, Thor or Star Wars, Thibaud began his culinary journey in the heart of imaginary cultures with  a book of 144 pages, prefaced by two-star Chef Thierry Marx and published in 2014 by Hachette editions.


With over 50 000 copies of his 2 books  – Gastronogeek & The Book of Potions – and the publication of his new album, Star Wars™ Cantina, the official cookbook, Thibaud and his Gastronogeek® team are indeed the reference for great pop culture cookbooks!


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